What is status code kdkfwoourygo? Here is all the information you need!

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has created a number of status validation code that include random combinations of characters, primarily letters. These characters are in no particular order. An example of a code would be "kdkfwoourygo". Although this may not make sense to many people, we'll explain how this all makes sense. The breakdown is as follows.
The purpose of the validation code serves as an indicator of the foundational quality of a target website. We take into account stability of code, overall asthetic design, as well as user interface/user experience (ux).
The validation codes were created as an indication to serve as a guiding factor in determining the quality of a target website. There are several factors that are taken into account including stability of code, overall asthetic design, as well as user interface/user experience (ux).
We can break down the 12 characters of the code "kdkfwoourygo" into three parts: kdkf woou rygo

Part One: kdkf -  Affiliation: WJcDcNfkuvHR
The first four characters of this code indicates that the foundational code of the website is stable. Initial validation checks out and there are no blatant errors that can interfere with user experience. This only defines the foundational code and does not check for things such as mobile readiness or responsiveness. In addition, this part of the code only applies to html web pages and not apps.

Part Two: woou - Item Number: G73
The middle four characters applied to the mobile responsiveness of the target web page. Where the code falls on the alphabet scale determines the overall user-friendliness of the responsive design for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Part Three:  rygo - Summary of Issue: iS2y9e
And finally, the last three characters. This is the part that ties it all together. Depending on where the letters fall on the alphabetical scale, determines the final numerical score value. Each letter on the scale is worth a certain amount of points, and each letter from a to z goes up in value by three points. So for example a is three points, where as z is 26 point. In this case, when we do the math, code kdkfwoourygo adds up to a total value score of 21. This total means that the website is categorized as containing adult content and will be passed on to the content filter. Some websites may have gone undetected by standard parental control measures. For example, this one, which at fist glance may seem innocent as it looks like cartoons, however, you will soon notice that those cartoons are pornographic in nature and should be filtered out from those under 18 years of age. Pretty neat!

Once the algorithm has performed its calculation, we can determine whether or not the rationale for any proposed change meets the criteria for a successful user engagement experience.